Tree Pose - Vrksasana

Why I practice Tree Pose - Vrksasana:

Physically tree pose is great for toning and strengthening the muscles of the standing leg.  It helps you find your balance, and build focus to maintain that balance.  Mostly though, why I love this pose is because it gives you an amazing opportunity each time you try it, to practice self love.

Sometimes when I practice this pose, I have an idea in my head of how the perfect tree pose is suppose to look.  Some days I achieve the pose I envision, some days I don't.  My balance can be different or off from one day to the next, and practicing this pose over and over has taught me that that is okay.  It's okay that my balance may off one day, and instead of criticizing myself for not being able to do something as "easy" as tree pose, I need to take a moment to figure out WHY my balance is off.  It could be so many different reasons, maybe tight muscles, feeling under the weather, a busy cluttered mind are just a few.

The point is, is that there is no perfect tree pose or rather the perfect tree pose IS the one that you achieve for that practice.  If it is not the pose you envisioned, instead of taking the opportunity to self berate, take the opportunity to self explore.  Get excited for how far you did come, and listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

My personal practice: I like to go into tree pose after a nice little warrior sequence.  It really helps me to get my standing leg grounded and rooted down.  I'll try to post a video someday along with some photos of different variations.

If you would like to read a little bit about the mythology behind Vrksasana, here is a beautifully written article from