Holly is a practicing esthetician who finds much fulfillment in providing relaxation through various skin treatments, facial massage techniques, and crystal sound bowl vibration therapy.  Wanting to immerse herself further into the knowledge of helping others relieve stress and raise their personal vibrations, Holly traveled to the jungles of Chauita, Costa Rica to participate in a 200-hour Yoga teacher training course under the instruction of expert Marianne Wells. During her studies Holly became aware of just how much the art of Yoga helps nourish the mind, body and soul, coinciding perfectly with her mission.

As a licensed cosmetologist and 200 hr CYT, Holly believes even though she is an educator she will always be a student, and she actively seeks out continued education regarding cosmetology and the art of Yoga.

A mom of five children, a wife of one man and the owner of a small business, Holly knows first hand how busy and complicated life can get and would like to use this platform to share her practices and why she uses them.  She believes balance is key, and uses these practices to keep her mind, body and spirit strong and nourished so she can handle whatever challenges life brings.

Having a creative side, along with writing, Holly enjoys graphic design and has created a line of Yoga leggings inspired by the beautiful desert she lives in and the places she has traveled too. You can see more about her leggings by visiting  Yogescape.com or following @yogescape on Instagram.

Holly's profile can also be found on Instagram at @hollycrandall

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